Adding Your Course Directly on the Virtual Runner iPad or Android Tablet

You can load them directly through the iPad or Android tablet if you have a WIFI connection. These files are High Definition Video, so be prepared to allow plenty of time for download. Even fast WIFI connections can take from 30 minutes to an hour to download a video.

Select the 'Video Library' button

The "Available To Download" list contains the 4 demo videos plus any videos that you have purchased. You can download them to your iPad or Android tablet by clicking on them in the list. The video will get downloaded from your online account to your iPad or Android tablet. You can continue to use the app while the video downloads. A "File Downloads" progress bar is displayed on the main screen in the top right.

You can also use the "+Add Video" button to add videos to the iPad or Android tablet.

Select the "Load from My Outside Interactive Account"

Select a course to download by selecting the download button on the right of the course name

The download is approximately 750MB for 5km videos and 1.5 GB for 10km videos, so with WIFI it will take from 30 - 60 minutes to complete the download. The iPad requires that the app stay in the foreground (active on the screen), or it will stop the download. Note that you need double the free space on your iPAD to download the video.

Once the download is complete, the Virtual Runner will extract the files and add the video to the "Available on Device" list on the Video Library page.

The course will be listed on the main screen and you can select it and press the "play video" button to play it.